My name is Warren Contreras (a.k.a.Oldbuddy) from Portland Oregon and I have been earning online since I retired in September of 2000. The easiest strategy I recently found is to earn free micro-income by completing simple tasks like clicking ads, taking surveys and posting in paid Forums, to leave on deposit where they pay me Daily Compound Interest and let them build up over time.

I can show you proof of earnings later, but for now let me just say my two most successful projects have balances growing daily that total over Three Million Satoshi ($689 USD) all earned with free money at no risk.

To get to the point of this page, the hardest part of promoting good offers is that most of the advertising available online today (especially free ads) only show them to prospects who think they are too good to be true. I can asure you my offer is true, but you don't know me yet. That's why I use the ads offered on my favorite Forum where I have been posting since October 2015 and most of the members do know me. If you get a free account there you can build your own reputation rapidly too.

The advertising offered ranges from the normal banner or text ads, a signature block under every post you enter for 100 Forum Coins ($1 USD), but the greatest and best (in my opinion) are the Shop Pages for One Forum Coin (a penny) to offer any goods or services you have to these other members who know you, in exchange for more Forum Coin.

I invite you to click the Forum Coin Banner below to register free (on the upper right of the Forum Index Page) or scroll down just a little on that page to check out the ForumCoin Shops and see what kind of offers others are currently extending.

TIP: It only costs One Forum Coin to open a shop of your own and you can earn more than that by making comments on a few existing posts.

I assure you, the smartest thing I did when starting to earn online was establish a rule to never use my own money to try earning more, and I got pretty good at finding ways to bootstrap my way in. Then I learned how the "win-win" princple could leverage that to produce even more, by sharing with others who want the same things. Forum Coin expands on that principal.

Register Free and read the FAQ to fit right in.

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