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My name is Warren Contreras from Portland, Oregon USA and I retired in September of 2000.

Social Security doesn't supply me with much money to throw around, so I turned to the Internet for some extra cash to fix that problem.

The smartest thing I did, was established a rule that I would never use my own money to earn online and I got pretty good at finding ways to bootstrap my way in, so there was no way I could lose. Then I learned how the "win-win" princple could leverage that to produce even more, by sharing it with others who want the same thing.

For example, I recently got interested in Crypto and since I needed an online wallet to use it anyway, I found one that paid me to learn a little more about it. No, I don't get into the confusing stuff (like blockchains), but I now know just enough to profit from it.

I registered for a free account with Coinbase, then clicked on Earn Rewards to watch several educational videos(as short as 1 minute), followed by easy questions about the contents of the video I just watched. In a very short time I had earned over $50 USD in various coins that I easily converted into whatever currency I need at the moment. (Bottom Line: Free Cash to work with)

Watch this short video to see exactly how simple and fast you can have more than enough cash to feed this plan in a matter of minutes.

Don't get lured into the deep secrets and millionaire schemes found all over YouTube and other websites, you don't need that to make money.

Once you have a nice stream flowing, you can always branch out from there.

More Cash Flow

Coinbase only got me off the ground, so I took $19 of the free money I just showed you how to earn and used it to start a stream of $10 payments coming in that should take us to the next level and we don't even need to sell anything. When people take a serious look at this opportunity, it sells itself and provides some excellent targeted advertising as part of the deal.

Click this banner and don't miss scrolling down the page it opens, to find a (warning sign) with a link to a 5 minute video that explains how brain-dead simple this really is.
Remember, you can't lose anything but a little time and a small part of your free money.

Keep On Digging!

Since you probably want to make as much as possible, you will need to advertise and share what you learn with others. They say the money is in the list, but I have learned it's really in sharing with each other.

I have nowhere to go and all day to get there, so I spend most of it digging up tools and methods to promote with, that are free or at least self-sustaining. I truly believe that it's not how much money you make, but how much you get to keep that counts the most.

P.S. Due to the common practice of spammers collecting email addresses from anyone foolish enough to include them on a page like this, if you want to contact me just Google oldbuddy or take the effort to register for one of the free accounts below and find me there.

Once we establish contact and determine we have common interests for our mutual benefit, I will be happy to provide easier methods to communicate.

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Search for oldbuddy

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