Pro-Active Networking
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Oldbuddy Skype is the best communication method I have found yet and Yes It's free!

It does a lot more than you would take the time to read (if I included it here), so just GET IT!

Communication is the key to success in just about anything you do in life and is absolutely critical when it applies to making money online. That goes for newbies and old timers alike!

You may notice I have my Skype status set as as online, even when I'm not. The simple reason I do this, is I don't spend as much time online as I used to and I want to encourage everyone to at least leave a message so I know they were there and I can answer them back when I return. If they see I am offline, they may just go away.
Chat with me
My favorite benefit with Skype, is how it keeps a record of our text chats for a YEAR all in one place, so we never lose track of what we were talking about. I can scroll back and find links we sent each other or email addresses I need to folow up on. Try that with Email, without opening dozens of seperate messages looking for the one you need.

Another seldom used (but indespensable) benefit, is you can instantly switch to screen sharing to help someone by letting them watch you in real time as you demonstrate what to do.

I keep thinking that if I can impress all of you enough, you just might change your ways for our mutual benefit.

See you online!