Don't Buy Leads!
(And you don't need to pay anyone to teach you how to get them.)

The Internet has evolved from an advertising medium to a giant social network, at least for the make money online niche. You don't want leads that entered their contact details to get a free gift, what you should be looking for is like-minded individuals who are interested in making money just like you are!

They Are EASY To Find!

If you look around this website, it will be obvious that I am a staunch supporter of IBO Toolbox and the community that participates there. It is NOT a bed of roses, but it's not nearly as bad as most people first think. The opportunity to meet and associate with real people who are serious about helping each other is REAL, but you do need to apply yourself to wade through the masses who just don't Get It

The fortunate part is, you found this page and I am here to HELP you, just like I HELP everyone I can. If you learn to do the same thing, you won't need leads anymore! I write Press Releases all the time about how to do this stuff (mostly for free) and have my door open if you have questions.