Find Referrals or Catch Birds?
(Catch birds is just an analogy, I don't really do that, but I do find referrals DAILY.)

If you want to find referrals (Good Ones), DON'T chase them!
Let Them Find YOU!

Let me ask you a simple question, if you did find it necessary to catch a few birds what method would you use? Would you run wildly through a field waving a blanket in the air until you knocked one down, or throw a few breadcrumbs in a corner and wait for them to come around?

I do exactly the same thing online. I find places I can contribute with help and answers and let them find their way back to me. For example one such place is the Fusioncash forum, where you can enroll in the program free to gain access by Clicking Here. By using oldbuddy as my user name and making sure it shows up if they do a search for it, the best referrals find me and I have a chance to bring them into a community like APSense where we can help each other and strengthen relationships.

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