I Don't Bite!
(But I do welcome feedback, questions, or we can just talk.)

I am not kidding one bit when I declare that the Internet has changed a lot since I started, and it's not all for the better.

I fully realize that the only way we can win now days, is to help each other. I live by a slogan I wrote many years ago, "Give with no expectation of any return and the dividends will amaze you.".

But There Is One Small Problem

If I post my email address online for others to contact me, it will also be seen by spammers who would be happy to include it on the next big CD they sell to those who want to reach all the Internet Marketers they can, so they can pitch them on every "Pie In The Sky" offer that comes along.

I tried having a special form on my page that did a nice job, but the owner did not keep up with it and I finally decided on a better course of action. Since we are all interested in online marketing, why not join one or more communities where we can not only communicate with each other, but find new contacts by helping others we find there? Register free and search for oldbuddy.