My Story (short)

oldbuddy is my nickname on the Internet. I am just an old retired guy that loves playing around with the Internet and picking up some extra cash to make life more entertaining. It has been working for me since I started in September of 2000 and I don't see that stopping any time soon. Once you learn how to apply a few simple skills and get others to work with you, that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I created this website to help as many friends as I can (that will listen), to learn to do the same things I did (and still do every day).

If this website looks like it would be over your head, you can see one I did for friends in the same boat (much easier) if you Click Here If even that is above your comfort zone, how about using a free word processor that exports PDF files your visitors can save Click Here

Believe me, none of this is brain surgery if you are willing to try with my help. I learned most of what I know just by using Google and YouTube as my free university, so I don't mind giving it away for free.


All it takes is time and patience to grow as you go. I didn't want to spend the small amount we get to live on each month, so my policy from day one was to only use money I made online, then expand on that.

If you have visited my old website at and wonder what happened, it seems that Google is making another adjustment in how they rank websites to place higher emphasis on Mobile Responsive sites. In other words, they need to look good no matter what size screen the visitor is using. It should fit them all from TV Screens down to smartphones and everything in between.

If you have a website and wonder how you fare, all you need to do is plug your URL in to This Page

Needless to say, this major remodeling set me back, so I will be making updates for some time to come. If you see anything you need more details on, catch me on IBO and I will try to make it happen sooner.

See you around the Internet!