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Have You EVER wanted to make Extra Income From The Internet?

oldbuddy is my nickname on the Internet.I have been successfully pursuing that goal since I retired in September of 2000 and it took me several years to figure it out, but then it finally hit me. I doubt if I will ever get to six figures a month, but I love having a grand or two in my Internet Fund that I can reach into any time I find something fun I want (that costs money), without taking it from our normal household budget.

I talk with people online who want the same thing, but they have excuses why they don't believe it will work for them. You can even get paid to discuss this yourself with one of the most talkative groups I know that are interested in making more money, if you Click Here

Anyway, I will answer the Most Frequent Excuses I hear, Right Up Front.

  • "I Don't Have Enough Time."
  • I can get you started making a few cents in 10 minutes a day and expand on that. Once you start seeing actual cash showing up in your bank account, you will find more time. If you don't even have 10 minutes you can stop reading here, because unfortunately I don't know anything that can help you.

  • "I don't have any money to start."
  • Another very popular excuse, but it doesn't take any money to make money (that is just a myth). There are people willing to pay you just to view advertising. Can you imagine how much you would have by now, if you got paid every time you watched a TV commercial?

  • "I CAN'T get other people to join."
  • It's true that on most of these type of websites, you need referrals to make much income. What if I showed you one method that works every time, would that change your thinking? Because once I change your thinking, it becomes easy. (anyone can do it once they know how)

    I could go on, but this should give you the idea behind my philosophy. Start with something simple that supplies free money to work with and helps you learn how to promote. If you can't give free money away (with my help), there is not much hope you will be able to sell anything for big profits. However, I can still show you how to make a little if you click the red button below, then keep reading and see if you don't change your mind.


Learning New Skills

If there is one thing I am most thankful for (in regards to my Internet journey), it's that I took the time to learn how to create my own stuff. I have edited thousands of web pages to fit my own agenda, edited graphics files that you can do free with Pixlr.com and learned to write my own copy that has yielded more referrals for various programs and website ventures than I can even count.

Recently I started realizing how many people I meet online don't think they can do this stuff, so I started SuperCheapBlog.info to show them how. If you make anything at all online, you are way ahead of most people who try, so why not offer them a little help from someone who came from the same place they are now. They won't have the fear factor that freezes them in the headlights when they try working with a get rich guru, so you have a distinct advantage. Just set up a simple web page and share your experiences, it's that simple.

Another idea that I was excited to find was Resell Rights Weekly and I could instantly see how Mark Austin (the owner) runs it much like I would myself. It's obvious he is not just in it for the money, since he is quite transparent in the community forum and always helping the members. He takes requests for good products we find online and works to purchase them to add to the library (if the rights allow). In my opinion, that makes for the best FREE resource to learn and earn from, that I have seen online yet.

Then I found All In One Profits (one of my referrals link), where I get all the tools I need to set up quick web pages and all the tools I need to promote them. It's not free, but the commissions I earned (begining the first day) more than cover the cost. To be honest, the reason I could make it pay from day one was because I know people I have worked with in the past (that know, like and trust me). That is the position you want to be in and I can help you get there.

If you are the least bit interested in this stuff, this is like getting a free paid scholorship to an Internet Marketing University along with a personal mentor that can eventually help you turn this into an income, by using skills that will last for a lifetime!

Tutorial Videos You Can Use

Create Splash Pages

This shows how to use my favorite Splash Page template without paying any fees to create all you want.

Upload With Cpanel

How to upload your finished splash page to the Internet so your visitors can see it.

Cheaper Photoshop Editing

This is a 2007 video that is what I still use! I have version 6 ($10) now so it runs on Windows 8.1and I edit all my web page graphics with this.

(More Videos Coming Soon)

I do have some links in the top menu to my YouTube Channels if you want to dig around.