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My Extra Cash Story with NO Extra Expenses!

Oldbuddy Warren Contreras My name is Warren Contreras and I'm an old guy from Oregon that retired in September 2000, but I needed something to do and took up making money on the Internet as a hobby. Where else can you find a hobby that puts money IN your pocket instead of taking it OUT?

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When I started, my goal was to average an extra $1,000 a month so my wife and I could make more use of the Condo system we bought to enjoy retirement. I Did It! (but unfortunately it's a never ending quest and goes up and down).

All it takes is time and patience to grow as you go. I didn't want to spend the small amount we get to live on each month, so my policy from day one was to only use money I made online, then expand on that.

I started using Oldbuddy as a user name when I joined an online earning program called Bring Your Buddy and even though the program has since disolved, the name stuck. By having something catchy and interesting, it makes it easy for people to find you and that's my goal.

Then I read a discussion asking if Google had a policy against all .info domains, since so few of them show up on any search results. I took that as a challenge and set a goal to have this on the first page of results for a search on 'oldbuddy' by the end of June, 2007. There's a link on your left to check to see if it's still there.

My Main Agenda
I don't like pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, so I'll tell everyone right now that I do have my own agenda and it's NOT hidden.

In my search for the perfect money making plan that lasted over twelve years, I finally landed on what I feel is the one for me. Everything else I do online leads to this and I plan to make it my bonus retirement income for the rest of my life. It may or may not work for you, but I can still help with whatever you choose if you contact me.

If you live in the United States and use (or would like to use) a Smartphone, do yourself a favor and Click Here for my blog.

The thing I like best about this plan, is I started with no extra out of pocket expense. I had an old clunky cellphone with 300 minutes a month and a 25 cent fee per text message that cost me over $35 a month, so I traded that service for one that was $29 a month with unlimited calls and texts and if I am near Wi-Fi (most places today) I can get online too. That was enough to make me very happy, but now that I have a few friends doing it too, I end up with more money in my pocket every month!

Then in summer 2014 I discovered Karma WiFi and now it's even easier to get online. I did have to dig into my Internet money and spend $99 to buy the Karma device, but I don't think I will have any problem finding other people to try it out and keep my Data Balance filled up for free. I understand the average person uses less than 500Mb a month and I shared it enough to get 650Mb my first two days. ===================================================

The Best Places Oldbuddy Advertises
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This is by far my favorite free advertising. It's a traffic exchange like many others, but they have a unique twist I LOVE. Instead of spending my time clicking for credits, I focus on collecting Tokens that I use to bribe other members to join programs that make us money. I'm not talking about pennies either. Sign up with my link above and I can show you exactly how I do it.

 Cheap Splash Pages <- Click to see Some of the ones I use.

I still use a lot of FREE advertising and I am getting pretty good at it, but to get any GOOD advertising results for free takes Splash Pages.

So I have a $1 a month account to host dozens of them and set up an error page that lists the latest ones if someone makes a mistake. Hey it works!

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